Friday, 31 August 2012

Old's Gold !!

As Rings continue their reign, stack up on some Tribal-Indian Accents
Here are some precious Pieces that you'll surely love. 
Unpolished tones, Abstract Shapes, Stunning stones and Opulently Earthy are some of the Must Haves.
Dig up your grand mom's treasure and show them off. 

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

"A-LIVE" Art

Look there..!! That's called Art !! 
No... we are not taking about paintings or sculpture or graffiti's and not even architecture....
Some interesting "Alive" art work that you will surely enjoy !! 
Here they are..!!

Photographed by : Vanya Mittal

PS: the last three are real people too.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

'Best foot forward'

'Kitsch Please'
That's what the new summer 2012 trendbook of 'Steve Madden' shoes is all about.
From bold solids to boho prints & block heels, the collection takes you back to the swinging 70's.
The palette includes all shade of neons you could imagine, combined with tessellated prints & textures.
So quirk up in kitsch & get ready to put your best foot forward.

P.S- Steve Madden stores are now launched in India

Sunday, 26 August 2012

'Style Pick'

Style is all about 'Right picks' in the 'Right combination'.
With this simple idea, you can make something very simple, to look very exquisite.
Its all a blend of good taste, some quirky ideas, basics from your wardrobe, or could be something from the streets.
Here is a looked picked up from the streets.
Perfect brew of something old, with something new.
P.S.-- The vintage FENDI sling is the real style icon
( Polka dotted shirt & turquoise ring--a pick from streets, Denims-- Zara, Oxford ballerinas--Catwalk)

'Leisure Love'

Mix & Match can be quite a catch.
Its no more about safe monochromatic tones. Its time experiment with the chemistry of mixing asymmetrical silhouette, contrasting colors & print mash-up.
Mix textures, prints, bright solids, and boho tie-dyed impressions.
So dress up leisurely in dyed/printed pants or palazzo's, paired with stripes or cute preppy printed shirt. Don't forget to strap a bright colored or printed 'sling'.
Keep it comfy & chic, and you are good to go for a lazy sumptuous breakfast or a shopping spree.

Styled By: Khyati Pande
Ombre dyed pants--Zara, Mustard Ballerinas--Zara, Striped T--Westside (Nuon), Floral pouch sling--accessorize, Stone ring-- a pick from delhi haat

Saturday, 25 August 2012

"Wonder Window"

The walk by the Store Window, a look through the glass, the inviting entry and the imposing display...
Retailers create bizarre window displays to catch the shoppers eye... n of course their money too... Some of these are tempting, super appealing with Wow-factor, and just too pretty.. ! 
Would you shop here? 

Photographed by Vanya Mittal

Do you have any personal favorite display? Let us know in the comments!

Thursday, 23 August 2012

'Colors and Characters'

A character in layman terms, is a distinctive quality of an individual, but what about the distinctiveness of the elements around us which builds a 'Character'.
An old door welcoming generations, the rust shows the age, but the fact it is still steady shows the strength.
The texture of the wall generated by mixed color attempts to hide old stains. For some it might be imperfect, but for some the character lies in the 'Imperfection'.
A beard grown from decades, might have grayed with time, but still symbolizes power, respect, and portrays experience.
Oxidization on old jewelry, which we try hard to clean, ignoring the fact it has a new character to itself, no matter how hard we try, it will never be the same and that's the beauty of it.
Look for the hidden details which we ignore, those are the true shades of a 'Character'


Wednesday, 22 August 2012

'The Eyes have it'

Style is not about clothes, its about details of putting pieces together, so why ignore the eye-wear. From the 60's 'Bumble bee shades', to the Gen X 'Geek eyed frames', you got to have it all. Flaunt those bright colored bug eyed frames, classic black wayfarer's and aviators from the swinging 70's. If you are a flimsy personality, go for the rare like, Big flying goggles inspired shades, or small John Lennon look 'Tea Shades'.
When it comes to your 'Sun cheaters', do it with style.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The canvas World !!

"Street art" ... something that all of us hv seen here and there..!! Something that activates a space..or sometime humanizes  it. Those bright colors, those interesting artworks... 
make you stop and stare at them...
Here are a few..range of work from graffiti's to installation to poster.. We Love !!

Photographed by: Vanya Mittal

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