Thursday, 23 August 2012

'Colors and Characters'

A character in layman terms, is a distinctive quality of an individual, but what about the distinctiveness of the elements around us which builds a 'Character'.
An old door welcoming generations, the rust shows the age, but the fact it is still steady shows the strength.
The texture of the wall generated by mixed color attempts to hide old stains. For some it might be imperfect, but for some the character lies in the 'Imperfection'.
A beard grown from decades, might have grayed with time, but still symbolizes power, respect, and portrays experience.
Oxidization on old jewelry, which we try hard to clean, ignoring the fact it has a new character to itself, no matter how hard we try, it will never be the same and that's the beauty of it.
Look for the hidden details which we ignore, those are the true shades of a 'Character'


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