Friday, 5 October 2012

'Color Crush'

We might not be counted as one of those 'pinklicious' freaks, but a little crush of pink can be found in every girls wardrobe. It Could be a 'HOT PINK' killer high heels (Check the classic style for how to pair your heels), flaunted at best nights, or just a cute 'CORAL' dress for a relaxed day at beach. 
Quick Trends:
--With nail art the latest rage, a little pop of brights on you finger tips can add a little edge. Explore Lakme's new range of True wear nail shades, you might find the perfect pink you have been waiting for. (Experiment with colors that suit you complexion.)
--One thing which we never forget by hook or by crook, is our perfect fits, 'SHOES'
Mix & match is one of our personal favorite trends,
  explore silhouettes, play with contrast, & style it to the fullest.
--Dont miss on Little trinkets for a little bling.
--Make your fall preppy by adding Vintage prints to your jackets.
Quick Tips:
--Avert disasters by wearing 'head to toe' pink.
--Wear shades which suit your body type best.
-- Mash your pinks with contrast colors, like electric blue, Burnt orange, Forest green, or Classic black.
Brain storm with cool ideas, Cause its time to wear 'Pink' right.

Styled & photographed by: Khyati Pande
Shoes: Tresmode, Bangles & tea dress: a pick from streets, Nail Paint: Lakme

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