Monday, 3 September 2012

'3 Way Style'

How to do your jacket '3 Way' ?
Well if there is a trend which has changed from 'Classic' to 'Contemporary' but will never go out of style is 'JACKETS'.
Suits every body type & can be worn for every occasion.
Whether its Vintage, Preppy or Glam, these well constructed pieces are a way to go.
It could be a 'Hand made crochet bolero' picked from your grandma's closet, simply worn with a skater dress, or a preppy multi-floral printed Boyfriend Jacket.
Who doesn't like a twist, need a breath of  fresh air, then wear a solid colored formal jacket with saree for a wedding or any festivity.
Crisp up these essentials, and wear your charms the right way
Its time to 'Make it and break it'
Make you own style statement, and break some rules.

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