Saturday, 8 September 2012

'Vogue FNO'

Courtesy vogue, 'VOGUE fashion's night out' is one shiny night, happening round the globe circumference, with all designers, artists, fashioner's, shopaholics at one place & one time.
First fashion night took place in 2009 in New York, ever since happening every year in 16 countries.
From 'spruce-y' FNO shirts flashing all over, to knockout exclusive designer giveaways, this 4th sequel of fabulous Fash-A-thon, didn't leave any stone unturned, in terms of glitz & glamour.

'Vogue FNO 2012' New York

'Vogue FNO 2012', Mexico

'Vogue FNO 2012' Milan

'Vogue FNO 2012' Sydney

'Vogue FNO 2012' London

'Vogue FNO 2012' Savannah

'Vogue FNO 2012' India

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